About Pilefection Media

Pilefection Media was founded by Japanese-subculture enthusiasts to promote the love of Japanese-related culture. Collaboration between various Anime enthusiasts from different Facebook network team.

Do drop us a pm on fb:

If you deemed it necessary to correct us on the article information (inaccurate information/news)

Due to the fact that there are limitations to Google engine regarding about the proper citation of pictures/news & with the original link(s).

Please do a rightful owner claim via pm on fb by providing information regarding about your works.

If you have interesting news/information and would like to share it to the Love Live! Community (or the Anime too~)

For any inquiries please drop a message to Pilefection

***Edited on March 16, 2016 (12:44am GMT+9) [For further clarification]

Regarding about the past cases of “NOT ABLE TO CITE THE PROPER OWNERSHIP(S)”.

We’ve been auditing for 100% accuracy for FACTs, and in some cases, due to repeating sources of the works being found by using reversing image search on Google. The works will not be cited (As we’re not sure of who’s the original, and it’s better not to cite the wrong sources)


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