Should fans interfere with their idols/singers/artistes/seiyuu’s lives? [Pilefection][Opinions]

It’s quite a distinctive between Japanese & the non-Japanese fans.
There’s always a small portion of the Japanese extreme fans, and sometimes they might be really harsh on their words.
Probably being too selfish/finding commonly excuses.
1. The idols/singers/actors/artistes will be “distracted” if they’re dating.
2. The idols/singers/actors/artistes are not even loyal to the fans.
Non-Japanese fans, on the other hand, they’re generally quite open-minded on the taboo topic relating to dating.
1. The idols/singers/actors/artistes have their own lives to live.
2. The idols/singers/actors/artistes have their own rights to date who they want.

*Crude words have been removed. (Usually, will be omitted/deleted on Japanese blogs as well)

Based on this Facebook post’s, under the comments, you can see that most of us are quite supportive of the idea for the artistes to lead their own lives.

Facebook Netizens response:

“Let her be happy regardless, I love Pile and Pile has the right to love whoever she wishes”

“Idol rules are super cruel and should be abolished”

“She has her own  life. If it doesn’t get into her work, then whatever floats her boat”

“None of us should be concerned with Pile’s private life. She’s old enough to make her own decision on who to date”

“Japanese idol culture is wayyyy too strict on stuff like this… let the girl live her life and be happy, people. It’s all good, because chances are she wasn’t going to go for any of her fans anyway”


コメント失礼致します (Comments will be rude)
Would you want your goddess(?) to retire at the age of 36?
Eventually, they’ll retire. Example: Mami Kawada ended her Final Live Tokyo Dome City concert on May 21, 2016. (Started her career in 2001, so it has been 15 years)

Another would be the “divorce taboo”.
Example: Ayumi Hamasaki
However, she still has a strong or even stronger fan-base than before.

So definitely the issues lie with the netizens/fans(?) & the culture.

Just my insights, you can probably take it lightly(?).
On Pile Birthday Live party 2016 in EX Theatre Roppongi, Tokyo. Together with Pilers (the name for Pile’s fan), we saw Pile’s parents and her sister seated at Level 2 of the concert (Restricted level). And saw a guy as well. (If by Pilers, it will probably be gossiped on Twitter since May then?)
Some Pilers are couples, and some were already married.
One of the couples, his girlfriend is quite pretty, and you will definitely be wondering why are they here?
They said they were there for Pile’s music, and they’re Maki oshimen & Lovelivers.
Another guy who won the autograph cheki with Pile, requested to be in a 2 shot picture together with his wife if possible. (They always appear in Pile concerts, so they’re actually quite spotting with their couples wear).
What I am trying to convey is that some of the hate speeches/comments are probably made by Japanese NETIZENs but not Pilers.
Because any true & real fans will always be supportive of your “goddess” no matter what.
Overall, there will always be a small percentage of hate “fans”.

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